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  2005.05.31  19.30
A Message from Josh from DrugxTest: LAST SHOWS

In the 2 years Drug Test has been a band we've finally decided it's time to call it quits. All of us are too busy now a days to put as much time and effort into the band as we'ld like. We recorded 2 songs last month for a split 7" w/ R'n'R that is being put out by Walk All Night / Rocket Punch Records. Eventually they'll be a CD version of our 7" Needle in Your Kneck and the songs off of the split. We are playing two last shows and they include: Posi Fest July 29th in Kingston PA w/ Bold, Murphy's Law, Kill Your Idols, The Wrong Side, Cold World ect.. and September 30th @New Direction in Haverhill Mass w/ Blacklisted, Think I Care, Have Heart and more.. We've made alot of good friends and had a great time everybody, thanks for the support.
-Josh Hynes

Shout Outs:
Bobb Mac / Walk All Night Records
Stand & Fight
Internal Affairs
Think I Care
Final Word
Down To Nothing
Crime In Stereo
Hammer Bros
Have Heart


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  2005.05.09  22.46
Posi Fest 2005

Bob Mac has listed the first wave of bands to be on the Posi fest line up. Taken from the B9 board.
okay things are finally coming together for Positive Numbers Fest 2005.

the dates:
July 29 30 31 (Pre-Posi Party July 28)

the venue:
Roller King in Kinston, PA(literally across the bridge from downtown wilkes-barre)

the price :
50 dollar weekend pass
45 dollars pre order weekend pass(more info below)
daily passes are tba

the bands:
The Trouble
Wrong Side (last show)
Cold World (last show)
The First Step
Triple Threat
Drug Test
One Up
Think I Care
Final Word
Internal Affairs
Crime In Stereo
Paint It Black
Iron Boots
Kill Your Idols
Lights Out

Please note this is the first wave of bands to be announced. We are looking at about 40 bands playing between Posi Fest & the Pre-Posi Party.

Because this info is coming out a little late in the game, I'm starting pre-orders now and ending them mid-way through July.
Pre-Orders are only taken by pay-pal. You will not recieve tickets in the mail, all tickets will be on a will-call system.
again the pre-order ticket price is 45 dollars
*please add 1 dollar to each order for fees
paypal address: walkallnight@gmail.com

more info coming next week including:
more bands and hotel info


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  2005.04.16  02.24

Just got back from the show at the Bombshelter, I gotta say, it was nice to see DxT again. It's been too long. The new stuff was really amazing, and Stuck in a Rut is my new favorite DxT song. Anyways, thanks for the awesome show guys, and play more!


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  2005.02.12  16.46
RE: random entries.

The last entry got deleted. This is not a community about drug testing but about the band drug test. Sooo... with that in mind, Drug Test has been on a semi hiatus for the past couple of months or so. Josh (guitar), bought a club, named it New Direction, and now puts on shows there. Rick (vox), moved to Philly. Fred (Final Word), Alex and Josh have been keeping busy. Everyone is doing fine and they will be back playing shows in march.
Both DrugxTest and New Direction are on Myspace so if you haven't already added them you can check them out
Drug Test
New Direction


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  2005.01.22  19.54


Last night at their show in cleveland With Honor's van got broken into. The theif stole their money box containing all the money they had, as well as personal effects including prescription medications, which aren't cheap. We've set up a paypal account if anyone has any money they could spare for donations. All donations can be made to withhonorct@yahoo.com through paypal. It is appreciated more than anyone could ever know.
These guys work incredibly hard and get little enough as it is. If you've ever seen them live, then you know the intensity and heart that they bring to hardcore. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP THEM. This is family. We count on each other.



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  2004.12.11  15.18

Hey, I'm new here. DrugxTest rules and shit. Well anyway, I just wanted to say yo, and also I've got a video here of DrugxTest performing "Phenobarbital Mosh" live at Gilman. It's actually a preview for their DVD that Get Into It Zine is putting out, but it's still tight. Check it out here.

Keep it real.

Mood: bored

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  2004.11.23  17.33
DrugxTest in Haverhill, Mass


Dec 17th
Drug Test
Guns Up
Hammer Bros
and Special guests you don't want to miss...

info: xreflextionx@aol.com

directions to exit 23::
  • Take 495 North to exit 51A

  • You will come to a set of lights right after the off ramp, go right at this.

  • Follow the road all the way to the end (you will pass a bowling alley on your right called Pilgrim Lanes, and a Cemetary)

  • At the end of the street take a right. Once you take that right Dunkin Donuts should be on your right side.

  • Find a place to park.

  • Exit 23 is right across the street.


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  2004.11.13  13.50

Nothing new to report about the band. Just had an old picture that i decided to post.

If anyone is in the area, go to these shows because Exit 23 is closing down.

Nov 18th @Club Exit 23, 246 Winter St. Haverhill Mass 7pm $7
Have Heart
Guns Up!
Signs of Hope

Nov 26th @Exit 23
The Wrong Side
Cold World

info: xreflextionx@aol.com


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  2004.08.11  20.40
seattle shows...

8/12: modern life is war, blue monday, physical challenge, rosary, shook ones
8/13: countdown to life
8/16: sidetracked
8/16: still crossed, one up, ordeal
8/17: one up, still crossed, make move, final fight
8/20: the judas cradle, shattered realm, black my heart, the warriors
8/20: the dead unknown
8/23: killing the dream, physical challenge, verse, sinking ships
8/24: between the buried and me, burnt by the sun, premonitions of war
8/27: HIMSA, as i lay dying, all that remains
8/31: martyr ad
9/3: love is red, a perfect murder, donnybrook
9/4: champion, the answer, blue monday, lights out, sinking ships
9/6: lahar, xbring it downx
9/8: where eagles dare, the back up plan
9/9: where eagles dare, the answer, 5 good reasons, the back up plan, claymore, greyskull (FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!)
9/15: comeback kid, blue monday, figure four, down and out, break the chain
10/31: physical challenge -covering trial-


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  2004.07.21  22.06
posifest pictures

it's impossible for me to pick only a few good pictures to post here, so i'll just pick one and let you kids look at the rest for yerself.

the rest are here

(yes, it's a comeback kid picture in a drug test community, but just click the link people)



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  2004.06.27  04.35
x-posted like crazy, we like to share music

i hate self promoting but we want to share our music, i put up are whole ep online for you, so listen please and tell me what you think http://www.hxcmp3.com/william_shatner_sings_the_blues


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  2004.06.26  23.00

hey everybody here should most definitely check out www.untilindustries.com because they have some bad ass straight edge shirts amongst other things!!


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  2004.05.24  19.16

from the 5/17 show at the che with IA, SBV, Donnybrook, Outbreak


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  2004.04.28  16.30

check out



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  2004.04.25  17.08
The Zoo - Wilkes-Barre, PA - 4-24-04

more here


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